Philippines Acquiring 3 Dozens of TA-50 Fighter Jets

Reports in the South Korean press are stating that the Philippines will acquire 36 TA-50 light attack aircraft from South Korea in a deal worth US$1.0728 billion, with each aircraft expected to cost US$29.8 million.

The Korea Aerospace Industries TA-50 Golden Eagle is part of a family of South Korean supersonic advanced trainers, light attack aircraft and multirole fighters. The TA-50 variant is a more heavily armed version of the T-50 trainer, intended for lead-in fighter training and light attack roles. Equipped with the Israeli EL/M-2032 radar, the TA-50 is designed to operate as a combat platform capable of employing precision-guided weapons, air-to-air missiles, and air-to-ground missiles. It is also capable of carrying external reconnaissance, targeting and electronic warfare pods.